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This site is dedicated to ALL the Warriors of our Country....... past and present! May our thoughts and prayers go out to our service men and women who continue to fight for our freedom and for the ones who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

The Warrior Song

Georgia Contract Bowie Knife & Original Belt

The purpose of The Confederate Bowie Knife Association is to promote education and the collecting of Southern made Bowie knives used by Confederate soldiers in the Civil War.

This undertaking is being started by myself (Lee Hadaway) and Josh Phillips because even though we wish to educate others in the field of Confederate knives, we also want to attract like minded collectors and historians in order to further our own education.

Our plan is to send out periodic newsletters with Confederate Bowie related content and encourage any contributions. We also would like to develop ongoing email discussions between our members. Please bear in mind that we intend to keep this endeavor as simple as possible since we also have jobs, families, etc.

Josh usually attends three or four Civil War shows a year and I try to make at least one plus the Colorado Gun Collectors Association Show in Denver. If you see us, please stop by and say hi. We are usually not hard to find.

At this time, we do not intend to charge for membership.

If you collect Confederate Bowies or just have an interest in this area, please feel free to send me your contact info. I'll be glad to put you on the list.


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Psychos and nut-jobs are not welcome here. This Association is designed for the polite discussion of Confederate Bowie Knives. Any unruly or rude behavior will not be tolerated. Offenders will be immediately removed from this Association.

This site is under construction.

I will work on it as time permits.